Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Popular Desktop Apps and their Online Alternatives

Outfitting your Computer System with the updated software can be very expensive. Time and money aren’t things to be wasted. Due to increasing prices for desktop applications, it is better to search right alternatives online. Fortunately, there are great alternative out there: the Internet. You have to just surfing around online, you can access most of the desktop applications functionalities without spending a single cent.

To prove it, here’s the list of some online alternatives for the most popular desktop applications that you use.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Pixlr is an online photo image editing app that contains similar photo editing tools found in Photoshop CS3 and can integrate seamlessly with popular photo sharing services.
Microsoft Visio 2007
Gliffy has the basic functionalities to create and share quality flow charts, complex diagrams or technical drawings.
Apple 1 Password Manager and Form Filler 2.5.7

With clipperz, you create direct log in links for your online accounts. Just log in once to clipperz to access them.
Apple Aperture 1.5

A popular online photo management and sharing site. With a free basic Flickr account, you can upload photos via email or the upload webpage.
Desktop calculators

InstaCalc is an advanced web based calculator. Send a link of your calculations to others or embed a calculator into your own website. Other features include unit conversions
Sharp Reader (Windows)Net New Wire (Mac OS X)Straw (Linux)

Netvibes is a nifty RSS reader and web home page. Stay connected to everything online at all times–catch up on blogs, facebook, to-do lists, news and weather.
MS Outlook HP fax machine Printing paper

With this internet faxing service, you can send digital documents within Canada and US for free. Just upload the document and you’re set.

Popular Desktop Apps and their Online Alternatives

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

This neat web service allows you to create your own simple web application without any coding or web designing experience whatsoever!

All desktop tools

Sosius has all the essential desktop tools online: calendar, file management, rss feeds, projects, file management, databases, and collaboration and messaging tools.

Apple Mind Manager 7.0 Mac

This web application allows you to brainstorm online when you need to map out projects or make long term business plans.

USB storage devices Hard drive storage space

Simply upload and share your media and document files online to free up storage space on your computer.

Desktop Task Lists

This is an online to-do list that provides you with easy access to reminders and notes. You can even check your lists on an iPhone when you’re on the go.

Website Analysis Software

This online tool allows you to keep track of your website and how it’s being accessed. Track content

Who says saving money is hard?

Just by looking at the desktop applications alternatives, you can save a bundle. Most desktop applications can range anywhere from $100 to $1, 000. Compare those app prices with online applications: $ 0. So next time you think twice before buying another desktop app. Because the more you ditch the desktop, the more you save! 


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