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Best Traffic Generating Source

Blogging is a passion for most of us, and we love doing it. But sometimes it becomes a struggle. How to get more traffic, how to get more comments, how to come up with fresh topics…

I will tell you about how to bring more traffic on blog or any website.

Image/Video/Other Files to get Traffic:-
Image/Video/Other Files to get Traffic
SmallerSeo is an awesome site to find targeted traffic. How can you get more traffic besides creating great and viral videos?
§  Make sure to add your blog’s URL to an opening or closing “scene” of the video.
§  Add a link to your blog in the description (must be related of course).
§  Create video responses to related videos with a lot of views. like YouTube, will house your videos. Don’t forget that your blog’s URL in the opening scene! is incredible not only for photographers but bloggers as well.
§  Any time you utilize a photograph from Flickr, make a remark under it and include a link to your post. Photographers love seeing how their photos are used, especially if you utilize an image in a funny, non-related way (a bunny reading a book on a post about Google PR). is a place where you can post slide shows to promote your blog and get more traffic. Not sure what a slide show would do to get traffic?
§  Turn your most popular posts into slide shows. As simple as that. gives you a chance to upload documents and share them with a major group and community of readers.
§  Write valuable content and make them accessible for download. Keep in mind to include some links to your blog. PDF files work awesome for this. All files I make accessible for download can be shared and given away as long as they are not edited (so my link is shared along with them). Great guides get shared a lot! is a great place to find new, targeted traffic.
§  Let’s say you have awesome image of a travel destination (Rome, Italy, for example). Upload it to Wikimedia and go to Wikipedia. Find a task that is related to your image (Rome, Italy). Go to the task and attach your image as a related image to the Rome page. Your photo will be a new traffic source for your blog.

ITunes – Podcasting is a great way to get fresh, targeted traffic. There are millions of users on it. This is still a traffic generation source that is not saturated as some others.

 The Natural Traffic Generation Sources:
Natural Traffic Generating Source

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Commenting on other blogs – we all aware about this way of traffic generation. But don’t rely only on posting a comment. Answer other people’s questions as well. And visit a new blog every once in a while, don’t stay on the same all the time!
If you are commenting on a blog that has Comment Luv enabled, make sure to master the art of good blog post titles.

Guest posting – again, a well-known traffic generating source, but how much of it are you really using? Are you afraid of guest posting on bigger blogs? Go to new, up and coming blogs which are more likely to accept your post. You never know, few months from now, one of those blogs might be “the next big blog”.

Social bookmarking sites: – you don’t have much success with it? Stop submitting your posts, submit and digg other people’s posts and connect with as many “diggers” as you can. They will return the favor. – I had great success with this site by submitting funny and controversial stuff. Funny images will bring you crazy amounts of traffic.

Google Buzz and Yahoo Buzz allow you to share blog posts. Any kind of sharing is a potential for traffic generation. is a sharing site where you can connect with people, spark conversations and get more traffic for your blog.

Bookmarking and voting for bloggers:

There are 3 sites I use for bookmarking best blog posts and voting for them.
I don’t submit all of my posts and I try to vote often for posts I like. Try to connect with people and vote on their posts. Keep it real and don’t go “blind voting” for everything on the home page.
These sites can bring much targeted traffic to your blog considering they are pretty focused. Not to mention that once you have a great post shared on those sites (and it makes it to a home page) you will have your blog flooded with targeted visitors.
Traffic generation by writing content for other sites:, although hit by the new Google algorithm, it is a great source of highly targeted traffic. The bounce rate of visitors I get from EZA is always less than 20%! Choosing a good keyword for an article can result in incredible amounts of traffic. I have been receiving a lot of traffic from a single well written article for a year and a half now!
I will not list other article sites because it would look like pumping up numbers of traffic sources in this post, but there are many of them that can bring fresh eyes to your blog. – How many times have you tried to do something and needed instructions? You Google it and it brings up how-tos from Well, you can contribute to this site with some of the how-tos for your niche and get traffic from it. Additional tip – there is an Forum where you can be helpful to people in need and get additional traffic to your blog. will not only bring you targeted traffic but can also be a nice source of income. If you don’t want to spend too much time on these sites, you can always make a single page about your blog and update it from time to time with links to your must-read and most popular posts.

Never underestimate Wikipedia and WikiHow. These two sites are an awesome place to further promote your blog and get, again, targeted traffic. Depending on your niche, you can contribute some great tips and bring thousands of visitors back to your blog.

Social Media Sources:
Social Media Source
SmallerSeo – Do I need to explain this one? You can use your personal profile to post about your blog; you can use groups and pages. Ask your friends to share your blog post to their wall and groups and wait for all the traffic to pour in.
While on Face book, I need to mention Networked Blogs. I use this application to post my RSS on my personal profile wall and my blog’s fan page. You can also use this application to follow other blogs in the network and rate them.
This is one of my biggest traffic referrals at the moment. You should use all possible tools to get your blog shared on Face book as much as possible because with so many users, Facebook can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. is one of the best ways to get your blog out there. Main thing – communicate and connect, don’t spam. Tweet relevant and quality posts and don’t self-promote too much. Don’t forget to participate in Twitter chats. I get a lot of “fresh” visitors from those chats! is a place where you can get traffic from more than one source.
Connect with people you know and they will see your updates. If you are a good writer and post great content, you will receive traffic from them. You can generate traffic by joining LinkedIn groups and helping people in your niche by pointing them to your relevant posts. Besides groups, there is an answers section. Answer questions the best you can and point people to relevant links (your blog).

Yahoo Groups – join groups in your “area of expertise”. Again, do the best you can to help people.

Paid Traffic Source:

Google Adwords is a well-known paid traffic generation source. I, personally, did not get too much into it since it takes some learning to make it work for you. But you can easily find coupons for $75 to try it out, so why not? Those who can use Google Adwords well convert that traffic into subscribers and buyers in no time.

Facebook ads are a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your blog (landing page, fan page, whatever). Although not a free traffic source, it is a great one. The price is not very high and I think it is pretty acceptable considering that you can choose demographics of Facebook users that will see your ad. I had great success getting traffic that converts on one of my niche sites.

Ads on related blogs. Most blogs are open for advertising and you can always buy advertising space on them. Choosing a blog that is related to your niche (while not directly competing with you) and has a lot of visitors is a great way to get more traffic.

Answer Sites- Why aren’t Bloggers using them more?

This is one of my favorite ways of traffic generation. Using answer sites is not only a great way to generate targeted traffic but establish yourself as a “know it all” in your niche.
The main tip about using answer sites is not to link to your blog every time you answer a question. Especially if the post is not closely related to the question. Answer some questions for the sake of answering them. You will always have links in your bio/profile, so if you answer a question like a rock star (without a link), some traffic will come from people checking out your profile.

Google answers are one of the great answer sites you can use for traffic generation. I mean, isn’t everything that is connected to Google something we should master?! is a pretty new but already very popular site among bloggers. Connect, ask questions and answer them. Same “laws” apply like on any answer site.

Yahoo Answers is one of my favorite traffic generation sources when it comes to answer sites. It has been one of my main traffic sources on a niche site for a long time, even after I haven’t used it for months. The main thing is to give your best when answering. If your answers are chosen as the best ones, you will have more respect in the eyes of the visitors so… yes; more of them will come to check out your blog.

Other great answer sites:

§  Wiki answers
§ or (same site)

One Forgotten Traffic Generation Source:

The Forums – yes, I know some of the bloggers are telling that you cannot get anything from the Forums, but I can prove them wrong. One example: I met one of my dear blogging friends on a Forum way before I started blogging. She has been helping me since. Instead of struggling with some newbie mistakes, I skipped most of them and went straight for success. Most forums allow links in signatures – use it!
Your niche will determine which forums you will visit, but great forums for bloggers are Website Babble, My blog guest, Warrior forum, Blog Frog, etc.

Any other Traffic Generating Source, You know of that are missing? Plz Leave us a comment! 


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